13 Helpful Sourdough Tools and Equipment To Make Your Life Easier

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Diving into sourdough baking has been one of the best and most rewarding journey of my life! I started out with nothing but a jar, flour, water and an extremely false sense of actually being able to create anything edible. I used a bowl and some parchment paper for a banneton and dull knife to score the top, and those were my only sourdough tools. All that to say, starting with nothing is better than not starting at all!

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The process of making a sourdough starter from scratch is a lot easier than you think. Furthermore, just having a Dutch oven and a starter can get you delicious and healthy loaves of bread for your table! However, if you decide to get serious with your baking endeavors or just prefer sourdough life to be a bit easier, we compiled a list of the best sourdough tools and equipment to really get you going in your sourdough journey!

Sourdough Starter

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The most basic and fundamental element of sourdough baking. You can’t really do anything without this. Making your own from scratch is incredibly easy (check out our schedule and tracker for the perfect and most flavorful start), but you can also purchase one online, from either Etsy or cultures for health.

High Capacity Baking Scale

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Using a scale for sourdough baking and starters is crucial for precision and consistency in the baking process. Unlike volume measurements, which can be affected by factors like the type of flour used and the way it’s packed, a scale provides accurate weight measurements. This accuracy is vital in maintaining the proper hydration levels of the dough, a key factor in achieving the desired texture and flavor of sourdough bread. Additionally, when feeding and maintaining sourdough starters, precise measurements ensure a balanced ratio of flour to water, promoting a healthy and active culture. By relying on a scale, bakers can enhance the reproducibility of their recipes, leading to more reliable and delicious results.

Starter Jar Kit

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Using a wide mouth, large jar is going to give you the best room and access to your starter. Additionally, having both a cloth cover (for counter storage) and a sealing wooden cover (for when your starter needs some fridge time) will allow you to be more flexible with your starter. You’ll also want to use a wooden spoon or silicon spatula for stirring. Furthermore, being able to get an accurate temperature and adjustable band are helpful in ensuring when your starter is ready for bread making! These sourdough starter kits are great for providing the best accessories for your starter.

Flour Storage & Scoop

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Having easily accessible flour storage with a scoop is a valuable asset for sourdough bakers. The convenience of readily available flour streamlines the baking process, saving time and effort. The inclusion of a scoop not only facilitates precise measurements but also promotes cleanliness and efficiency in the kitchen. It ensures consistent and accurate flour portions, contributing to the overall success of sourdough recipes where precise ratios are crucial. This setup not only enhances the organization of the baking space but also promotes a smoother workflow, making the sourdough baking experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Glass Mixing Bowls

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Having glass mixing bowls on hand is ideal for sourdough baking due to several reasons. Firstly, glass bowls are non-reactive, meaning they won’t impart any unwanted flavors or chemicals to the sourdough mixture. This is particularly important when working with a live culture like sourdough starter, where maintaining a pure and consistent environment is crucial. Additionally, the transparency of glass allows bakers to easily monitor the fermentation process and observe the development of gluten strands in the dough.

Danish Dough Whisk

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Having a Danish dough whisk is immensely helpful when baking sourdough due to its unique design and functionality. The whisk’s large, sturdy wire head is adept at efficiently mixing and incorporating ingredients in a way that a traditional spoon or spatula may struggle to match. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with the thick and sticky consistency of sourdough starter and dough.

Dough Scraper

A dough scraper proves indispensable in sourdough baking for its versatile utility. It facilitates the handling and shaping of sticky sourdough dough, aiding in crucial stages like stretching, folding, and shaping, ensuring optimal gluten development and aeration. Beyond its role in dough manipulation, the scraper serves as an efficient tool for cleaning work surfaces, effectively removing sticky residues. Its straight edge adds precision during the shaping and dividing processes, contributing to uniform loaf sizes and consistent results. Altogether, a dough scraper streamlines various aspects of the sourdough baking process, making it an essential and practical tool for any baker.


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Having bannetons for sourdough baking is important for achieving desirable shapes, textures, and appearances in the final loaves. These proofing baskets, often made of cane or rattan, impart a characteristic spiral pattern on the dough’s surface, creating an aesthetically pleasing look. Bannetons come in various shapes such as round, oval, and many more, offering versatility in the types of sourdough bread one can bake. The banneton’s structure supports the dough during the final rise, helping it maintain its shape and structure. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the bread but also contributes to a more consistent crumb structure and improved oven spring, resulting in a well-balanced and professional-looking sourdough loaf.

5-Quart Dutch Oven

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A 5-quart Dutch oven is crucial for sourdough baking due to its ability to create an ideal environment for achieving a perfectly crispy and well-risen crust. The Dutch oven’s thick, heavy construction ensures even heat distribution and retention, promoting optimal oven spring during the initial stages of baking. The enclosed space of the Dutch oven traps steam released from the dough, creating a moist environment that is essential for a desirable crust texture. Additionally, the 5-quart size is well-suited for accommodating various sourdough recipes, allowing for flexibility in batch sizes and ensuring that the dough has enough space to expand and develop its structure during the baking process.

Bread Lame

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Having a bread lame is immensely helpful when baking sourdough due to its precision and practicality in scoring the bread’s surface. The sharp blade of a lame allows bakers to create controlled and artistic patterns on the dough, not only enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the finished loaf but also influencing the bread’s expansion during baking. Scoring the dough with a lame helps control where the bread expands, allowing for better oven spring and a more desirable final shape.

Extra Large Baking Mat

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A silicone working mat proves invaluable in sourdough baking for its non-stick surface, preventing dough adherence and facilitating easy handling during preparation. Particularly beneficial for high hydration sourdoughs, the mat’s flexibility and durability offer an ideal surface for kneading and shaping without the need for excessive flour. Its heat resistance allows for a seamless transition from preparation to baking, preserving the dough’s hydration levels and texture. Cleanup is simplified with the mat’s resistance to stains and odors, often being dishwasher-safe. Not to mention it makes cleanup a breeze!

Sourdough Starter Temperature Controlled Home

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Harness the power of precise temperature control for your sourdough starter with The Sourdough Home. This innovative system is crafted to both heat and cool, ensuring your starter remains at the optimal temperature. Customize your feeding schedule, whether it’s twice a day or once a week, and easily adjust temperatures to influence the flavor profile, aroma, and texture of your bread. Elevate your sourdough baking experience by having a temperature-controlled environment that puts you in command of the fermentation process.

Bread Proofing Box

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Having a bread proofing box is immensely helpful when baking sourdough as it provides a controlled and consistent environment for the crucial proofing stage. The box creates a warm and draft-free space, optimizing conditions for yeast activity and fermentation. This controlled environment is especially beneficial for sourdough, where achieving the right level of proofing is essential for the development of flavors, textures, and a well-risen loaf.

A bread proofing box is adjustable, allowing bakers to set and maintain specific temperatures, which is particularly advantageous for those working in cooler climates or during different seasons. Consistent proofing temperatures contribute to uniform results in the final product, helping bakers achieve a reliable and desired outcome with each batch.

Hey Beautiful! I’m Tara, garden enthusiasts, keeper of chickens, herbal homesteader and stay at home mom of 3 tiny humans and a sourdough starter named Ma. I love teaching others how to live a self-sufficient and sustainable life through homesteading, scratch cooking, and remembering to live barefoot, wild and free!

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