Breathe Easy – Homemade Chest Rub

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Embrace the therapeutic magic of nature with Breathe Easy, your reliable homemade vapor rub.

The strong blend is crafted from 100% pure, organic essential oils while the infant and children friendly version uses herbal infused oil for a gentler yet effective blend. This DIY chest rub not only helps curb congestion but also minimizes cough and alleviates throat soreness.

This versatile vapor rub comes in two carefully designed recipe variations – one for the entire family, including infants, and another exclusively for individuals aged 4 years and above. Each unique blend leverages the benefits of essential oils and herbs, making it a perfect addition to your natural remedy cabinet.

The Breathe Easy vapor rub, adheres strictly to homemade authenticity, and is free from artificial additives or chemicals. Experience the soothing caress of nature’s breath with Breathe Easy!

Are you tired of battling congestion, coughs, and a sore throat? Say goodbye to those discomforts with Breathe Easy, the ultimate homemade chest rub crafted with care and commitment to your well-being.

🌱 100% Natural and Organic Goodness!

At Wild N Free Farms, we believe that Mother Nature holds the key to your well-being. That’s why our vapor rub is meticulously handcrafted from 100% natural and organic ingredients. We’ve harnessed the power of the purest essential oils to create a formula that soothes and comforts, naturally.

🍃 Unleash the Power of Essential Oils!

Our proprietary blend of essential oils is your go-to remedy for congestion, cough, and throat soreness. With every application, you’ll experience a soothing burst of relief as our carefully selected oils work their magic. Breathe Easy is designed to help you breathe more freely, ease coughing, and provide relief for that nagging sore throat. It’s nature’s solution, at your fingertips.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Two Variations for All Ages!

We understand the importance of catering to the entire family. That’s why Breathe Easy comes in two thoughtfully formulated variations:

  1. Family-Friendly Formula: Suitable for the entire household, from little ones to adults. Breathe Easy Family ensures that every member of your family can enjoy its natural benefits. Even the youngest members, including infants, can experience the soothing relief they deserve.
  2. Stronger Blend For Older Individuals: Specifically crafted for individuals aged 4 years and older, this variation provides targeted relief for a more mature audience while still harnessing the power of nature. It offers a more powerful blend and additionally essential oils not suitable for children under 4 but that offer powerful relief.

✅ Easy Application!

Using Breathe Easy couldn’t be simpler. Just apply a small amount to the chest, throat, or back. Gently massage in, and let the natural goodness of essential oils work their magic. Within moments, you’ll feel the congestion melt away, the cough subside, and that sore throat easing into comfort.

🌿 A Commitment to Your Well-Being!

We are passionate about providing you with a product that not only relieves your discomfort but also enhances your overall well-being. Breathe Easy is crafted in small batches, ensuring quality and purity in every jar.

Say goodbye to artificial remedies and embrace the power of nature with Breathe Easy. Trust us; you won’t want to be without it when cold and flu season strikes.

Order your Breathe Easy vapor rub now and experience the natural relief you’ve been searching for. Breathe easy, naturally.

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Dimensions5.4864 × 5.08 cm

Herbal Blend (All Ages), Essential Oil Blend (Ages 4 and Up)

1 review for Breathe Easy – Homemade Chest Rub

  1. Shaunna Butler

    This is such a great alternative to toxic chest rubs. My whole family uses it anytime one of us get sick. It smells amazing and goes on easy.

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