Preserving Farm Fresh Eggs Guide

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This guide includes over 10 ways to preserve eggs, including:

πŸ₯š – Common Storage Techniques – to keep eggs fresh as long as possible!

🐣 – Waterglassing – a technique used for centuries to make eggs shelf stable in their raw form!

πŸ₯ – Freeze Drying – turn those eggs into a dehydrated power that can be revitalized with just water!

🐀 – Homemade Noodles – a shelf stable egg product that is incredibly healthy and versatile!

πŸ” – Pickling – a customizable way to turn those eggs into a delicious snack!

πŸ“ – Freezing – whole, raw, or separated, this method gives you a quick way to preserve eggs for recipes, stir fry, or even fresh eating!

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