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We like to call ourselves a farm, however, self-sustainability homestead is more up our alley!

When we first moved to our 5 acre plot of land in 2019 we focused primarily on building our tiny house to the point where we could at least function in it. We really had no choice! After just five short months of moving out of the city, the camper had to be returned to its owner and we had to move into our shell of a home. It helped tremendously that the land came with a 480 square foot cabin. Didn’t help that the thing was only half built, filled with mice, and falling apart. It gave us a space to put our stuff though, even though I would rather we sleep in a tent outside if need be then in that nasty building. Now that our house is, for the most part, finished, we use the cabin as more of a shop, filled with tools, grow shelfs for my seedlings, and a place to store our 250 gallon IBC totes of water in order to get them out of the elements. Though our house still has a bit of work to do, we switched focus to the land pretty quickly once spring hit.

In spring of 2020, I had my first garden. It did terrible. I spent a ton of time breaking up dirt by hand in the sunniest spot on our land and it was still clay and rock, which the plants hated. Mid season I moved some plants to a plot behind the shop, where the neighbor had told us that the previous owners had tilled in some sand, and they did a little better. I learned so much about how I wanted to nurture our land in that first season. I was still working as a mobile phlebotomist, so I spent a ton of time in my car, propping up my phone in the dash holder and you tubing all the troubles I experienced and the best methods of gardening. I also learned a lot about myself in the year of 2020, including who I wanted to be and the importance of health, nutrition, God, and self-care. I wanted to tie all those aspects into how we were amending our land and living our lives.

I have always been fascinated by the human body. In fall 2019 I had to drop out of school (pregnancy complications) when I was half way done with my pre-med bachelors.

There’s a point to this, I promise.

I always looked at healthcare differently than most, and that amplified in 2020. I always wanted to know the ‘why’ of what was happening, either functioning properly or malfunctioning. I wanted to know why it did that and how everything tied together to make it swing either which way. When I got into gardening and growing our property, I found myself taking the same approach. I wanted to know why. Why is it the trees don’t rely on someone to go out and fertilize or water them, yet they grow big and beautiful? Why does the forest cover itself? Why is it that the most luscious parts of the wild flower field is the part crawling with life, macro and microscopically? In these questions I found myself astounded and struck by the symbiosis of every aspect of nature. From the well known water, to the lesser known bacteria and fungi. Every aspect must come together and work as one to function properly.

On our homestead we are working hard to foster our land in order to build up the life in the soil, our own bodies and all around us. This means we do not use any chemicals or synthetic products, meaning no harmful sprays, GMO foods, or pharmaceuticals in our soils, plants, animals, meals and our own bodies. This does not mean that we are banana leaf wearing extreme hippies. We just prefer to look at every aspect of our homestead and life as natural as possible. We strongly believe that everything we could possibly need on this Earth, God has provided for us and it’s up to us to understand and utilize His blessings.

Our primary approach to fostering our land falls in line with the permaculture and garden of eden styles. We are trying to prevent over exhaustion of any one spot from animals, and really strive to ditch the stink that normally comes with a fully functioning farm. This approach has been easy for us thus far, however, we are still fairly new to the game and know we will face many more challenges in the future in trying to maintain this approach. It is important to us that we put back more than we take out from the land, and the permaculture life style really focuses on that.

The garden of eden approach is still VERY up and coming in our garden as we started with extremely rough, dry and drained clay soil. My first three years of having a garden has been focused primarily on building the soil up. We tilled in some compost in our second year and that will be our one and only till in that spot. After initially breaking up the soil, removing rocks and roots, and adding organic matter back to it, we now are focused on building up that soil microbe population in order to give the plants the needed environment to thrive. I absolutely hate that in todays world the average gardener believes it is normal and necessary to apply commercial fertilizer, organic or not. They will always have this mindset, and honestly it will always be needed in their garden, until we can change the way a gardener looks at their soil. In order to be a good self-sufficient gardener, you have to be a good scientist.

A huge part of having a successful homestead is knowing how to be self-sufficient, and self-sufficiency is really our top priority here at Wild N Free Farms. However, being self-sufficient is so much more than just not buying your food from the grocery store. We strive to be able to look at every aspect of our normal life and know exactly where it is coming from and how to get it again. This means replacing the grocery store with growing our own food but also replacing the pharmacy, hardware store, the internet, everything. We want to be able to someday be completely self-sufficient in every aspect of our lives.

I always like to look at it from a ‘what if this was no longer there’ perspective. What if I couldn’t go out and buy fertilizer for a deficient area of my garden? What if the stores no longer had any flour? What if all I had was a fire and a pan to cook meals on and couldn’t look up what to cook with that? I want to be able to not only know what to do, but do it. Not necessarily to prepare for a end of the world apocalypse, but because I understand the value of knowing where things come from, working to allow yourself to thrive, and utilizing everything the Lord has to offer in order to live a happier and healthier life. We also want to teach our children this value and someday hand them a fully sustainable plot of dirt so they are free to do whatever they want in life, instead of being forced into the 9-5 regime, just to barely survive. We still have a lot of work ahead of us to get to that point but we are excited for each new day and each new addition!

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